California Dreaming

Get your favourite playlist ready, it’s time for the road trip of a lifetime!


San Francisco:
Whether you soak in the incredible atmosphere by walking through Union Square, or by riding the infamous trams up the steep streets, San Francisco will captivate you.
Take the tram to Fisherman’s Wharf, walk to Pier 39 where hundreds of Sea Lions are waiting to greet you. From old style arcades, to wonderful restaurants, there is something for everyone in Fisherman’s Wharf.
Union Square offers something for those who enjoy a mix of culture and shopping. From Tiffany’s on the main square, to China Town just a 2-minute walk way there is plenty to see and do in San Francisco.
The Westin St Francis is a historic destination in itself. The towers are an extension to a beautiful hotel that opened in 1904. The entrance hall is exquisite and the location is central for all transport links. With over 1200 rooms, the Westin St Francis is always able to welcome guests.

After the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, it is worth hiring a car to travel to Yosemite National Park.
In terms of hiring a car, we would recommend a luxury SUV such as the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban or Chevrolet Tahoe. These cars are fantastic for a comfortable drive through National Parks and also accommodate large suitcases if you are planning an extended holiday.
Driving through California you will see a number of places to stop for fresh fruit and crisp wines.
Tenaya Lodge offers accommodation just as you enter the park. Having recently absorbed Apple Tree Inn the hotel offers a variety of accommodation from hotel rooms to cabins.
The famous images of Half Dome will never live up to experiencing the sights for yourself. The breath taking views will leave you wanting to explore more.
For a relaxed evening of good music and food, visit the Sugar Pine Railroad for the Moonlight Train Ride & BBQ evening.
For more information, please speak to Ellie, our resident Yosemite expert.

If you are missing the beautiful California coastline, then Monterey is the place for you. Take Highway One, the famous coast road heading south.
This journey may take you a little longer than expected because you will want to stop at 17 Mile Drive to take photos of the beautiful scenery.
Monterey is a quintessential California fishing town. From here, depending on the season you can take whale watching tours.
Take a spare jumper with you, the difference in temperature between Yosemite and Monterey is quite a shock.
While in Monterey you cannot afford to miss the aquarium. It is a nature lovers haven, with crystal clear water and sustainability projects galore, this is a hidden gem.
If you walk out onto the outside deck and look carefully you should be able to spot Sea Otters in the wild.

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